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SYBERITE ; ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. ( UTOPIA'S GARDEN ), the complete rock opera libretto

SYBERITE ; singers, bands and musicians wanted

Adam G-214 ; 2073 A.D. (Utopia's Garden), rock opera by gregory s. stomberg, based on the novel 'THE CANTY STREET PAPERS' by james d. hauser, now availabe for hometapers to record!!!

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      THE END OF FREEDOM (jfk murder solved)
   oswald fired from the hip, a warning shot we guess, its hard to know what he was told,
   jim brading fired from dal tex, hit connally by mistake, his hit man eyes must be growing old,
   charles rogers was next from the grassy knoll alas, he missed his chance at fame
   charles harrelson shot there too, with chauncy holt on radio and hit the front of the neck of his game,
   but no one hit the head so backup nicoletti took a shot from dal tex and hit his prey in the head
   at the same time jim files, backup at the stockade fence with a front shot made his quarry dead,
   so there was no back shot, a great forgery, so atlee phillips and johnson could rule secretly,
    with six shots in six seconds.
lyrics at http://syberite.tripod.com  click on history, it's the last song.
   ACT ONE ;
       (ADAM 2073 A.D.)
Greenland had melted and the rivers did rise,
we fled from the waters to the mountainous skies,
we drilled in the earth and built cities inside,
reclaimed civilization, a utopia we tried,
we elected great leaders and made our own rules,
demanded the best and executed the fools,
but please heed my words when i say
that its not what it seems,
when they take you away
because you keep having dreams,
a utopia? we lied,
so listen my children, my words are all true,
utopia's not so great when they're coming after you,
utopia's not so great when they're coming after you.
(7-21-01 dan susnara, david dziubczynski, gregory stomberg)
   SCENE 2 ; ADAM G-214 ;
between the rainbow and the golden lake,
the shiny city now stands,
 amongst the mortals who broke the gods,
just as utopia demands,
their cattled minds bred for forced labor,
here comes one now for you,
be true to self, be honest to soul,
or you'll become one too,
ask three blackbirds to sing of peace
while flying thru the sand,
ask three blind fish to speak of truth
while swimming thru the sky,
and i'll see you where time rips thru
the machines of utopias garden.
(4-02 dan susnara, ken clinger, david dziubczynski, c. goff)
   SCENE 3 ; ADAM G-214 ;
the cascading ruins of civilization
corrupted by the madness of politicians
who controlled the masses
who huddled in poverty and shame,
cancelled our rights, erased the constitution
for the inquisition of innocent minions,
made it illegal to think, said all our songs were wrong,
i blanked out and let them lead me astray,
that's my messsage to you:
utopia's not so great when they're coming after you.
   SCENE 4 ; ADAM G-214 ;
where did we sing of freedom?
when did we sing of peace?
behind the machines of uropia's garden
dwell the evil lords in charge of our fate,
they took our hopes and dreams of peace
and used them against us to keep us 'safe'. (2-03-)
   SCENE 5 ; CHOIR ;
when bush pooped his pants
they started treating us like piss ants.
(2-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 6 ;  EVE J-686 ;
      (NEW UTOPIA)
new utopia was founded
to keep our feet grounded
in the empty lies we were told,
not allowed to disagree
a sheep to slaughter were we
so off to war went the bold,
never question ones in charge
and always listen to the sarge
we did what we had to do,
tho outlawed we tried to think
because the country was on the brink
of becoming an animal zoo.
(2-24-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 7 ; ADAM G-214 ;
there isn't much use now to sit and ask why
we beat the peace marchers as our children kill or die,
now between god and president they must chose,
where even if we win we lose. (1991)
   SCENE 8 ; ADAM G-214 ;  
the day utopia died they took away our rights one by one,
the politicians voted to keep us safe and 300 years of freedom
   were undone,
they erased the constitution because it protected terrorists,
they threw away the bill of rights as the president did insist,
the people were confused so i now will decree,
anyone who gives up their rights does not deserve to be safe or free,
so join me now my friends and speak out against the war,
this new world order threat smells like Orwell's 1984.
(2-03- c. goff) 
   SCENE 9 ; ADAM G-214 ;
shall i meditate or wait
for the sunny skies of fate
as the world tumbles down,
shall i demonstrate and strut
or just keep my big mouth shut
as the world crumbles to dust beside me,
will you listen to peace again
or just label me insane
as the nation marches off to war,
should we yell scream and stamp
at the war pigs training camp
where its sending our young off to war. (2-21-03-)
   SCENE 10 ; CHOIR ;
michael moore was right,
we should have stopped the fight.. (2-25-03-)  
   SCENE 11 ; ADAM G-214 ;  
the laws that govern society
stifle all creativity,
the music our heart sings
will a jail cell bring,
no ones allowed to draw sing or write
unless its approved by the censors right,
the generation before us believed all their lies
but when we were young we looked in their eyes,
war and poverty is the name of their game
but terrorism was where they lay the blame,
to keep us all safe they took our away our rights 
told us what to think by the dawns early light,
for asking questions they would take you away,
lobotomize you for your own good they would say,
god forgive you should you disagree,
republicans made that the death penalty,
sometimes late at night we would whisper and sing
about all the joys that freedom would bring,
if only we could be free this hour
by getting rid of the people in power,
i can't say if the endings good or bad,
only that the situation makes me sad,
we seek peace and nothing more
as cattled minds march off to war,
the future is now for all to see,
bottle the rush of insanity.
(3-21-03- dan susnara, ken clinger)
   SCENE 12 ; EVE J-686 ; 
all you ever hear is what they tell you
and even then you don't know if it's true
to keep you in line they all tell you lies
and tell you that terrorists will drop from the skies
they just want to keep you safe so they say,
so your freedom and rights have been taken away
only the guilty would object to this plan
so they took us away as fast as they can,
kept in a prison just because you disagree,
and put on display for all to see
that doing what's right and speaking your mind
will get you a big boot in your behind,
so get out of the way when the war pigs push
and sing heil to the fuhrer, our master bush. (5-2-03-)
   ACT TWO ;
   SCENE 13 ; CHOIR ;
innocence be lost
amongst the mortal cost,
we do what we must do to satisfy the animal zoo ...
a century of mile high tales tells us how utopia fails...
(5-03- dan susnara, ken clinger).
   SCENE 14 ; EVE J-686
'rock and roll will never die'
you hear the court jester cry
as the sentry's lead him away
as the jugglers juggle and look the other way
musician fearing they won't get paid
because of what adam had to say. (10-05)
   SCENE 15 ; ADAM G-214 ;
      (KING BUSH)
'the future is now' the fuhrer cried
and all politicians proceeded to lie,
they always took but never gave,
to keep us all safe they made us all slaves,
brainwashed our children to report violations
or any attempt to reclaim civilization,
they burned all our books that they deemed obscene
and led off the old to feed us soylent green,
controlled our actions with lobotomizing machines
so you do what you do despite all the screams,
they tried to crush us with their iron hand
but what could adam do as the singer of a band,
he tried to lead the way, he tried to speak his mind,
but they had one mission, to exterminate his kind. (5-03-)..
   SCENE 16 ; CHOIR ;
flood my mind with the memories of a thousand lives past,
overload my brain with the imagery of a future not yet cast.
we must protect the children, adam must be taken away,
to keep democracy safe we must lock him away. (3-03-)
   SCENE 18 ; ADAM G-236 ;
      (TAKEN AWAY)
he was taken away because of what he had to say
and the things that he did think,
he wanted to be free but they wouldn't let him be
and drove him over the brink,
he wanted left alone but they kept telling him where he was going
and what to do when he got there,
he wanted to read and write a song but they told him that was wrong
and gave him pills to make him not care,
he pretended to take but threw away and pretended to believe what they say
and taught the masses secretly
and made them think what they believe to dream a dream they can concieve
and a future they can see,
a better day for me and you because adam taught the truth,
a better day for you and me. (3-12-03-)
   SCENE 19 ; EVE J-686 ;
when my mentor adam g-
was sentenced to eternity
i began to think,
it could very well be me
facing their insanity
on the brink,
 i remember the very day
that they took him away
and i wept,
they would not let him be
when he wanted liberty
and in a prison he was kept,
he inspired us all
to tear down the walls
and be free, so listen to his call
come one now and come all
think and you'll be free,
think and you'll be free.
(3-5-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 20 ; ADAM G-214 ;
      (HEIL TO...)
if they git ya down here then you get got,
caught slicker than a witches snot
lock you up and throw away the key
and it don't matter if you aint me
empty souls join the war and fight
to take away the constitutions bill of rights,
to keep us safe they declared martial law,
rounded us up in shock and awe,
took us away if we weren't loyal enough
to say 'heil bush' and all that stuff
i'm risking my life by telling you this now
because to king bush i refuse to bow,
and that makes me a dangerous man
so lock me up as fast as you can,
haul us away in the eye of a blink
because we dared to for ourselves think,
nazi america we have become,
all heil bush, the saviors son. (6-26-03-).
   SCENE 21 ; EVE J-686 ;
they sentenced adam to die by execution on the big screen
for all to see,
not allowed to ask why things are not what they seem
or question what will be,
adam spoke of dreams of poetry and laughter
within our hearts, writing songs in reams is what they came after
because they realized he was smart,
adam spoke of change for freedom and truth
wherever it may lie,
the rules need rearranged from nail to tooth
destroying all their lies,
finally they took him away for breaking some kind of law
about speaking your mind
so now we think and pray while we stand here in awe of
his hope for mankind,
but we'll remember his songs, his name
we'll not forget,
his poems we'll recite, we'll sing even tho its wrong
so don't worry or fret.
(8-30-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 22 ; ADAM G-214 ;
what lies behind the golden rainbow?
what lies beneath the great blue sky?
what lies beyond these laser walls
of this prison where i work till i die,
in 2070 i committed a crime,
by finding words that i could rhyme,
and writing funny little songs
but by then writing songs was wrong,
they put me in this little cell
and told me i was guilty of thinking,
they made my life a living hell
while i just stood there blinking,
they sentenced me and you could tell
they certainly don't want us thinking,
they certainly don't want us thinking.
(6-30-02 k. clinger)
   SCENE 23 ; EVE J-686 ;
when they start to crack down on men who have dreams
the utopia we seek is not what it seems
the whole system is off say the men who smoke pot
as they imprison and punish a utopia this is not,
nor are we free to live the life we chose
the battle to free us is one we must not lose,
why does the cost of freedom always seem so high
the price we sometimes pay is that we sometimes die.
empty dragons singing, whispering in the dark
as castle walls falling surround the devils lark,
cauldrons burned with excess from experimental shores,
thus reigns the land supreme with investigative wars,
the sea dogs hunt you blindly thru the gated posts of hell,
the spin god yeilds lightly, to him it's just as well,
beware the lions laughter if you slip into the past,
the ancient ones still sleeping will awaken now at last.
(4-23-03- micky saunders, david dz., ken clinger)
   SCENE 25  ; EVE J-686 ;
banned from the government we met in secret to discuss our strategy,
in top secret meetings we secured a place to rescue adam g-,
he sacrificed himself for the good of humanity,
now cruel justice dished out to the innocent will help the masses see
that disobedience and non violent strikes will avoid catastrophe.
(5-8-03- g. stomberg)
  SCENE 26 ; EVE J-686 ;
with the forests extinct
we hid in the feilds near the hemp plants,
the guards searched by day
at night we foraged while the leaders did rant,
we wanted to be free
from the orders given by madmen,
we escaped the great city
and hid in the wilds of the gardens den,
we knew our ancestors all smoked hemp
but now its use was pure industrial,
 someone whittled a makeshift pipe to smoke
some hemp buds for awhile,
he lit some up and coughed
so we laughed as he passed it along,
 someone told a joke
and we laughed and laughed forever,
lets take some of this now,
so we can smoke it whenever,
the outlawing of dreams
was this plants downfall,
they won't let us smoke it
because they want it all,
but pot is also for smoking
not just for hempseed oil
so now the people smoke it
after a hard days toil,
we threw away our cigarettes
that addicted us to their ways
and celebrate life now,
because its natures way.
(9-5-03- k. clinger)
   SCENE 27 ; ADAM G-214 ;
midnight in utopia's garden
is a strange time,
moonlight in utopia's garden
feels so fine,
the guards are all asleep so no one watches you,
so we get up to do whatever we want to,
daylight in utopia's garden is a work day,
noon light in utopia's machine is the same way.
(2003- k. clinger, micky saunders)
   SCENE 28 ; EVE J-686 ;
cantankerous old masters rule the children with an iron fist
while destroyer of lives only get a slap on the wrist,
the laws so unfair to keep us safe turned us into slaves,
the brave ones rebelled escaped the cities for the caves
as the army called us terrorists, death penalty on sight,
but we fought for freedom for what we think is right,
against or for the war it really doesn't matter to me,
your opinions are your own whether or not i agree or disagree,
so the next time someone speaks no matter what he may say
don't punish him or look down on him,
he's following natures way.
   SCENE 29 ; ADAM G-236 ;
hemp oil ran the machines in utopia's garden,
 the miracle plant forbidden to us all,
fenced in gardens at the factories gate
heeds the words of the managers call, ordered not to smoke it
as we toil away the day,
its fibre makes our clothes the oil runs machines
and its roots keep our soil from eroding
so gardeners can plant all our greens,
its up to slaves to do the work
while the masters sit round smoking hash,
we're locked in with armed guards
while the masters hold a monster bash,
they've come to depend on us
for all their simple needs,
so tonight we're busting out
and we're stealing all the seeds.
(9-5-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 30 ; ADAM G-214 ;
we pass a lot around,
gold and green and brown,
fine weed from here and there,
illegal but that's not fair,
you touch it to your lips,
it travels to your mind,
you and i are brothers,
there's no such thing as time,
more friends join the circle,
passing around their smoke,
we're all links in the chain of life
surrounded by a little toke,
you and i are brothers,
there's no such thing as time.
(1977 d. susnara, joan currier) .
   SCENE 31 ; CHOIR ;
listening to adam g
sing his soft lullabye
inspired a dream in me
even if he must die. (5-03-).
   SCENE 32 ; CHOIR ;
the lush gardens of utopia
shattered by the machines and the illusions of reality
(3-03- micky saunders, ken clinger).  
  SCENE 33 ; ADAM G-214 ;
the founding fathers spoke to me
it must have been a dream,
they said 'fxck those bxstards in control,
live life as you see fit,
and if they threaten you with punishment
tell them you don't give a shxt.' .
(8-30-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 34 ; EVE J-686 ;
adam, do you hear how the music stings your very soul,
do you feel, well you know, it's forbidden to feel so dream,
of a life near the shore that is free,
where a man can be what he will be,
adam, did you dream, well you know, it's forbidden to dream
so you run, as the dogs of war hunt you just for fun,
adam, adam,
we look to you for inspiration
as society seeks you in prison,
adam, adam,
adam did you dream?
adam, do you feel how the music stings your very soul
did you dream, well you know, it's forbidden to dream so you run,
adam, adam.
(5-18-02  dan susnara, don campau, k. clinger)
   SCENE 35 ; CHOIR ;
in 2073 we spoke of being free,
in 2074 we only spoke of war,
bombs away, world war four is only minutes away.
   SCENE 36 ; CHOIR ;
the ancient ones in all their garb
passed all the laws that let us starve,
we slave in the camps to bring them riches,
now we'll burn those son of a bitches.
'no.' adam cried 'we cannot use force
if we want to win the masses,
peace is the goal of all society classes.',
we wondered what to do, we were mad as hell,
but he showed us the way was to wish all men well.
(5-26-03- g. stomberg)
   SCENE 37 ; ADAM G-214 ;
something those in power have forgotten
is we'll stand up for the freedom we have gotten
and we won't give up tho the times have grown rotten.
      (THE LEDGE)
the ledge at the edge of infinity
beckons to utopias call
and causes social confusion
as the final curtain falls,
the circus of light on the right
surfaces on utopia's skin,
open the gates of insanity
and let the lions in (9-20-03- david dz.).
   SCENE 39 ;  EVE J-686 ;
in future times of tales untold
in utopia's garden with heroes so bold,
spoke with truth when they did say
that honor and justice is free wills way
of keeping the peace throughout the land
by limiting the role of the governments hand.
(4-2-03- k. clinger, david dz.).
   SCENE 40 ; CHOIR ;
listen to this song of freedom
and sing it from shore to shore,
we've listened to the governments lies a
nd we're not gonna take it any more,
we chant, we march, we walk for peace
just like all good men should,
and when they ask us why in heaven,
we did the same as jesus would.
   SCENE 41  ; POLICE ;
attention species adam g-214,
you are not allowed to dream,
you are not allowed to dream,
you will be eliminated, you will be eliminated.
(8-30-03- d. susnara)
   SCENE 42 ; ADAM ;
when the lord calls my name
after my soul has gone by
he'll ask what i've done
how i've lived to get by,
i'll tell him 'sir, it's been great,
all i ever did was get high.'
and he'll let me inside, maybe give me a hug,
unlike the next lug, who lived as if he were god
and other people just bugs,
he lived his life a lawman,
a cop a killer in a shell,
a lawyer judge or politician,
who made other lives a real hell,
'well i have no use for them',
this i heard him to me tell,
'and tho i pity all of their lot,
i'll send them all straight to hell'
justice... justice... (4-8-90-)
      (TELL ME)
tell me about the brave,
how they sang as they were slaughtered,
by cowardly wicked forces,
in front of their sons and daughters,
 tell me about the free,
how they sang as they were executed,
because they did no wrong,
for opinions were persecuted,
tell me about the strong,
how they sang as they were jailed,
for believing they were free
to the crosses they were nailed,
 tell me about the young,
how they sang while labelled zeroes,
for writing many songs
about many fallen heroes. (4-03-)
   SCENE 44 ;  CHOIR ;
did you see the shadows
come dancing now for you. (4-03- k. clinger)
   SCENE 45 ; EVE J-686 ;
       (HYPNOTISM) ; with hypnotism, drugs and lies
they gave us false security
 and brain implants to keep the world safe
for you and for me,
they told us ufo's were fake
so we'd believe they were real
and when we awoke at night
they told us it was forbidden to think or feel,
they shot microwaves into our brain
just to chart the results,
mesmerized us with oaths and chants
just like some insane cult,
a few of us had hopes and dreams
that we wished to live out,
so we were the very first ones
that they tried so hard to stamp out, 
we posed a threat just by wanting more
and just by thinking thoughts
we had to hide the songs we sing
in fear of getting caught,
adam g was one of these
in a future not too far away
they sentenced him to die again
for what he had to say,
everyone knew he did nothing wrong,
he was a dreamer and maybe a fool,
he opened his mouth once too much
but how could they be so cruel,
and now he's gone i tell you what,
i listened to what he had to say
and thanks to him i tell you this,
there are even more dreamers today. (8-15-03-) .
   SCENE 46 ;  EVE J-686 ;
   (2073 a.d.)
adam made me think and before i could blink
they took him away,
how they made him bleed inspired me to read
to learn the things that i must say,
tho the way is not clear, i'll never fear,
not even if they take me away,
i'll stand and i'll fight for what i know is right
no matter where the consequences lay,
tho adam's dead he lives on as long as the music plays on
and our hearts do not stray,
as pawns we play our part to tear the castle walls apart
to set the masses free,
so forgive me if i ,
sing a soft lullabye,
that brings those sweet dreams
to me. (2-03- d. susnara).
   SCENE 47 ; CHOIR ;
adams spirit is breaking thru
from the shadows of beyond
as our seance beckons him
to meet us at the pond
his spirit lives in star formations
and the rhymes we sing at night,
the whistling wind is his music
that eases our desparate plight,
he gave his life to set us free
and shook the shackles from our mind,
broke the chains that made us slaves
so entertainment we could find,
because laws made the smart ones criminals
as sheep we followed their way,
 persecuted those who hum and sang
punished children should they play,
taking away our rights they told us many lies,
but now the masses have had enough
its time to say goodbye, (9-03- k. clinger)
   SCENE 48 ;  CHOIR ;
      (FOR ADAM)
raise the torches high for adam
use them to light the bowls,
pass the pipes of peace my friend
and free your immortal soul,
raise the flags half mast for adam
he gave his life to make us free,
we changed some laws and made life better, 
a freer world for you and me,
a one fingered salute to the madmen,
the war mongers and their kind
we've beaten them by freeing our hearts,
and by that,
freeing our minds.
(10-1-03- k. clinger)
don't lose your heart to the machines,
don't lose your soul to the machines,
the machines in utopia's garden...
the machines in utopia's garden.
(9-5-03- g. stomberg, k. clinger)
   SCENE 50 ;  CHOIR ;
well, it's been a long day,
and i'm sorry to say,
the night has to end this way,
so forgive me if i,
sing a soft lullabye,
that brings those sweet dreams back to me.
(1994 k. clinger, micky saunders, tony boise, cathy grant).
we dropped the h bomb on mars a long time ago,
on the polar ice caps to make an ocean flow,
we introduced life, algae, microbes and fish,
then waited for years as our scientists wished,
now they're sending us up, to check out whats ours,
and to see if there are any mermaids on mars,
the answer is 'yes' i'm sorry to say,
 they're twenty feet tall and they want us to stay,
they put john on a hook, i guess he's the main dish,
hang a sign on this planet, man eating fish.
(2000 dan susnara) .
   CHOIR ;
   now lost in the machines of utopia's garden 
(2000, dan susnara)
   EVE 2078 A.D.,
 if you want to read reviews of the adam g-214 cassette and cd's goto http://syberite.tripod.com and click on 'reviews'. click on 'history' for the history of syberite and adam g-214. 
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   ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. , metalstorm music, g. stomberg, rr#3 box 167n, doniphan, mo 63935, franklincreek@netscape.net , $7, cd, has the susnara clinger mix as track one and clinger, susnara, goff, saunders on track two.
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   TOO CHUBBY FOR BALLET the smirking herbert, c/o 7806 s kilpatrick, chicago, il 60652, $5, 90 min tape, with 'mars'.
   CLINGER STOMBERG ken clinger, 311 stratford ave #2, pittsburgh, pa 15232, $6, CD, has 'utopia's garden', 'adam', 'thinking', lullabies and more, 13 songs total.
   PAPOOSE dan susnara, $5, 90 min cassette, has 'laws' and 'brother' from joan currier.
   SAUNDERS STOMBERG micky saunders, pob 1749, chino hills, ca 91709, $5, CD, three song cd with 'nonsense', 'lullabies', and 'midnight gardens'.
   WHERE'S THE WATER lonely whistle music, don campau, pob 9162, santa rosa, ca 95405, $5, CD, has the song 'adam' as performed by don's band.
             please add $1 for postage and handling. 
to hear more songs from greg stomberg and ken clinger goto www.soundclick.com and search for clinger, then click on stomberg clinger to download or listen to their free songs on the web 
   let's all goto www.drdemento.com and request greg's song 'let's have a scary christmas' to get airplay one more time this year for christmas, thanks.
 goto http://www.soundclick.com/adamg214 and hear 13 songs from the rock opera by various artists.
goto http://www.myspace.com/gregstomberg to hear the clinger stomberg song 'thinking'.

BANDS AND MUSICIANS WANTED : RECORD a song, a lyric or a poem for the upcoming CD project : ADAM G-214, 2073 A.D. PART FOUR, due in 2005, send to greg stomberg, RR 3, Box 167 N, Doniphan, MO 63935, or email at franklincreek@netscape.net, and become an artist on the next syberite cd project.PART ONE, TWO, and THREE was a great success with guest artists like ken clinger, dan susnara, jim hauser c. goff 3, micky saunders, don campau, bruce schwitters, cathy grant, syberite, david dziubczynski, and greg stomberg, so join in for part 4 cd, any style is ok, read or sing lyrics, use music or sound effects to get the style you want, edit lyrics as nec and repeat chorus as nec.,SYBERITE IS ; greg stomberg, jim hauser, bruce schwitters with musical help from jeff snow, mitch, bruce currier, misty and valerie stomberg, george g.w. smith, ken clinger, dan susnara, and micky saunders,.CD's  made by brad dawson. a special hello to rick wulf, randy mullins, hunter and kullen grace, franklin grove, and family